The Photographer

There was always something about looking through the viewfinder of a camera that I found magical. I loved being behind that lens, seeing things the way others never did; In a way where people normally overlooked.

I don’t claim to be a “photographer” in the professional sense. I claim to have a passion for it. I never went to school for it, I don’t have any diplomas or education to back my love of photographer, but I do love it. And I can guarantee you that whatever I photograph will become a piece of my heart in the end.

I am a married thirty-something New Englander who loves coffee, cats and cars. I’m a geek and a teenybopper at heart, but I am always open to new things, because I love learning about culture and the things around me.

The world is full of beauty, and I love finding it.

You can find me on Twitter: @passionriot and on Instagram: @passion.riot.

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