Indoor Mini Family Lifestyle photo by Arista

Yes, let’s get into the early summer vibe. These couple of weeks are overcast, but, lucky for all of us , we find a family who can bring us lots of laughter to photograph at beautiful golden sunset hours. The parents and their two year-old surely bring a warm sunshine to everyone's heart with many snuggles and kisses. Super thanks to everyone that Arista Mini Family Lifestyle session goes very smoothly.

Who doesn't love a dino? He surely would not let go his T-rex and make a pretty impressive "Rooooaring" sound!

Due to the Covid restriction, we decide to stay indoor for the whole photo session.

We have so much fun. In order to bring out the best action shot. The entire household dance to "Aminal Action" by Pinkfong.

...Frog time! do the frog, do the frog, now stop! Jumpy jump, Jumpy jump. Silly jolly frog dance...

I think they are doing the silly jolly horse dance...Gallop Gallop Gallop...

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